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Gnome Basics


Recently, I’ve found a site with great tutorials.  I need to spend some time on skimming them.  There is indeed great information hidden in there.

I started reading the tutorial about basics on Gnome.  I realized that everybody knows to work with Gnome when he first confronts with it, but very few have dived into its inner mechanisms.  Basically, I may say that I know nothing about Gnome.  And this is a great property of a software.  It’s almost intuitive! Some thinks need to be noted about Gnome and extracted from the above tutorial:

  • Gnome‘s window manager is MetacityUbuntu is changing it with Unity.
  • Gconf is the tool used in Gnome for storing information about the system and the applications. It comes with a server (gconfd), a GUI editor (gconf-editor) and a command-line tool for querying and altering the Gconf database (gconftool). Gconf is a rather complicated tool and I’ll cover it in a separate post.

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