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sshd Delayed Connection


I had for a long time a serious problem with my SSH server on one of my machines. It used to respond to the connection requests very slowly, usually after passing 20-30 seconds. This was very annoying, since it delayed my workflow, and also, because only one of my machines that run the SSH server had this behavior.

After searching around the Internet, I was lucky this week and found the correct answer on this problem. Many suggested various tricks and customizations, but the problem was very simple indeed.

It had to do with the so-called “Reverse DNS Lookup” (or something similar). In few words, sshd tries to look up the remote host name and check that the resolved host name maps back to the very same IP address. It is a security feature, yet slows down the operation of the server.

This is a default action for newer versions of sshd (and that’s the reason older machines haven’t this behavior) and the problem is that it isn’t mentioned in the appropriate config file. So, adding the line

UseDNS no

in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file solves the very annoying problem.

So simple!

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