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Handy Backup/Copy Options


In this answer of a user’s question, the author mentions the use of rsync -aH while copying directories or filesystems, for preserving the hard-links of a filesystem (together with preserving permissions, owner/group information and symbolic links), and also the use of -A and -X for preserving any ACL or XATTR attributes of the filesystem.

He mentions that there is nothing wrong on using these options to rsync invocation except for slower backup operations and more memory needed during the operation.

I checked the correct use of switches at rsync‘s manual and they are correct. Yet, I have to perform some tests to validate the correct usage of this invaluable tool.

Currently, since I don’t yet trust rsync’s operation I use the following command to copy directories: tar c [SRC] | tar --preserve --same-owner xC [DEST]. tar preserves file-permissions and ownership, symbolic and hard links.

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