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INX: Command-Line Live CD


I needed the previous day a small and fast to load LiveCD, without any perky luxuries of X or graphics in general. After all, I had a very simple job to do and I wanted something to boot really fast and let me perform any actions from the command-line. I did boot an Ubuntu 9.04 LiveCD, but that was too much for me, since it booted in a Gnome environment. After that, I used the terminal application to run my commands. So, why all this trouble of loading this huge desktop environment if I’m going to use only simple command-line tools?

After a little research, I came up with a small distribution, called INX (INX Is Not X, exactly what I needed for).

INX can also be ran as a virtual machine. In its site there are some downloads for virtual machine images, ready to run with Qemu or VirtualBox. Interesting!

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