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Text to HTML Writers


Many useful tools exist to easily write HTML text but putting off the difficulties found in this language. These tools are mostly found in Wikis and doc-comments. One great example of such a language is MediaWiki used in the well-known Wikipedia.  I’ll write more on these tools and languages since I have more knowledge and discretion with them.

The ones I have found are:

  • reStructuredText
    This format is used mostly in Python programs.
  • Markdown
    Very popular nowadays, a variation of Markdown is used heavily in GitHub. It is quire simple and elegant. Here is a short tutorial of the format.
    As it’s mentioned in its official web site, “Markdown’s syntax is intended for one purpose: to be used as a format for writing for the web.
    So, Markdown is heavily used for HTML conversions and simple text reading of a document. In contrary, creation of PDF files is not so elegant.
  • AsciiDoc
    This format is my own favorite. It produces rather elegant Web sites.

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