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Separate commits at Subversion


In this article of Ryan Tomayko I’ve found a nice trick for Subversion. when there are changes at current working directory that belong to at least 2 different changesets. What is easily achieved in Git using the git add -i (or the more straightforward and short git add -p) command, in Subversion another approach is necessary.

Here are the steps that Ryan suggests:

$ svn diff | vi - > hunks.diff    # remove unwanted chunks
$ patch -p0 -R < hunks.diff
$ svn ci
$ patch -p0 < hunks.diff
$ svn st

At first step we create a whole changeset with all the changes that subversion finds. We send the output to vim and delete the unwanted to commit changes. We save at file hunks.diff.

At 2nd step we remove these changes from working directory using patch and the -R switch. The changes left at working directory are the ones to be committed (step 3). Then, we apply again the saved changes at step 4, and we can see these differences at step 5 (optional). Now we can proceed to another commit or branch or whatever we want with these.

Update: Arabesque has a great demonstration of the above situation in Subversion, and presents a nice example of how to resolve it with Git.

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