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Running a Git Server


In this article (which I reproduce for future reference) of Linux Magazine two common solutions are presented for running an appropriate Git server.

Although it is possible to run just a plain git server command, many issues arise after this move that need to be arranged. Actually, I have the feeling that this operation of Git is similar to Mercurial‘s internal, local HTTP server. In other words, it’s mostly for quickly exchange and collaborate 2 developers in contact. Furthermore, it provides the groundwork for building other, more robust frameworks for this task, as is Github.

The two solutions that are presented are Gitolite (Perl implementation) and Gitosis (Python implementation). They are both hosted at Github and share many features as well as functionality. Since they are implemented using platform-independent languages, they can be found in almost every system, either prebuilt or with detailed instructions on how to build them on a rare machine.

They both work over SSH protocol and manage users, projects and their relations. They not only give read-only access to repositories, they can also permit push requests for users per project.

After reading the mentioned article, I had an emergent feeling of implementing the functionality of the 2 programs under a new version. I hope that this feeling will pass by quickly!

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